The British are known for being prim and reserved inhabitants of their country who know about telugu to english. However, they are quite friendly and love sports. And if you get to know the traditions of England, you can learn quite interesting facts and customs.

The British are quite restrained in their emotions, so you are unlikely to hear them waving their hands and talking loudly in crowded places when they meet. They are quite polite and disciplined, always afraid to get bored or be uncomfortable, so you can often hear “Please” and “Thank you” from them.

The English are homebodies. The motto of every Englishman: my home is my castle. On quiet evenings, the English like to sit by the heart of their home – the fireplace – and spend family evenings in their fortress. They do not like to visit, and do not invite guests themselves, unless on major holidays. And if emotional Americans can spend almost every evening in entertainment establishments or cafes, the British prefer home comfort. They also devote a lot of time to growing flowers, both domestic and garden. And they can discuss the flowering of a rare plant for hours.

The British are very fond of animals. The British themselves believe that they are the only ones who care very much about animals. For the entire population of the country there are more than 5 million dogs, the same number of cats, 3-4 million birds. In Britain, there are a lot of pet shops, gyms and cemeteries for dogs, and there are hotels at airports for animals, where they are sent when the owners go on vacation. In addition, in this country it is absolutely normal to send postcards on behalf of your pet.

English food traditions are famous all over the world. “Oatmeal, sir!” The British love to have a very hearty breakfast. Breakfasts are nutritious and simple at the same time: oatmeal, scrambled eggs with bacon, toast with jam. As a rule, breakfasts are not varied. The British get used to eating the same breakfast every day.

And of course, tea is an English tradition of tea drinking. There is even a saying: “Seven cups of tea will help you wake up, nine cups will help you fall asleep.” From 16 to 18 in the evening – the time of “5 o’clock” (five o’clock), the time when they drink tea, for which other things are postponed. It’s a whole ritual.

The table for tea drinking is usually located near the fireplace. Sitting, drinking tea and looking at the crackling of firewood in the fireplace are blissful moments. The tablecloth on the table should be of a single color, usually white or gray. And cups and plates should be from the same set. In England, they drink tea with milk (for a quarter of a cup), so you can still see a milk jug with milk on the tables. The British also drink “Russian tea”: when they drink tea without milk and with lemon, which is served sliced ​​on a saucer.

One of the European road infrastructure customs is that the UK drives on the left (along with European countries like Ireland and Malta). Cricket is an English game that is still popular in this country. And unlike all of Europe, here the distance is measured in miles, not kilometers.