When a foreign word is borrowed into English, then, most often, it takes on many new forms. This new word is combined with other English words, and already these combinations create new words. If you know the root word and how translate arabic to english, you will understand all the combinations! Thus, having learned one word, you can know 2.3 or more new words.
Many of the words in the list below have passed through several languages ​​before ending up in English, but we only list the main source.

phone. The English word phone is short for telephone, which comes from the Greek words for sound (phon) and far (tele). Related words: homophones are words that sound (phon) the same (homo) but are spelled differently : for example, the words hear and here. Symphony is a piece of music in which different instruments are played together (sym) to produce a beautiful sound (phon).

sync. Used when multiple events occur at the same time or in a similar fashion (sync). Sync comes from the Greek word which means “to be together” (sym or syn). The word synopsis means a short description (plot) of something like a movie or play. This is such a public way to see (opsis) the whole value together (syn). The words synopsis and summary are synonyms (synonyms), since they have the same meaning (syn), but different spellings (onym). Actors sing to the soundtrack – lip-sync. This means that they move their lips (lip) to the beat (syn) of the music, but they themselves do not make any sounds.

Air. The progenitor of the word air is the Greek word aer, which means “to blow, breathe.” Airplane is a relatively flat object (plane) that flies in the air (air). Airplanes are aerodynamic – they use air (aer) to supply themselves with energy (dynamic) for flight.

Finish. Finish something, finish something. Finish comes from the Latin word finis, which means “end”. In many words it is shortened to fin. The word defined means “to recognize the definition”, i.e. see what they mean. We can say that you put an end (both de and fin) to your misunderstanding! Final – finite. It is a noun (ite) which means that something has a limit or end (fin). Infinite – infinite (without – in)

Voice. Voice is the sounds you use to speak about how translate english to tamil. You can also express (voice) your opinion. Vox is the Latin word for voice, and the verb vocare translates as “to call.” An advocate is a person who calls (voc) others to help (ate) support others in a cause. Provoke – provoke (call someone (vok) forward (pro) and challenge, angering them).

Loft is a room directly under the roof or on the uppermost floors of a building. The Old Norse word for air and sky was lopt, which in English is written as loft. H is something at the top (aloft), which is closer to (a) air (loft) . If something is very high, then you can characterize it as lofty. If someone is very arrogant (lofty), then he has a very high (loft) opinion of himself.

Question. Initially, the word came from Latin, and then from Old French it got into English as question. The word means “to ask” or “to seek”, comes across in various forms in other words – from quire to quest. Everyone knows the word quest (quest) – a long and dangerous adventure in search of something important, valuable, or simply necessary. And in detective stories, the word inquest can be found – an official request or investigation of someone’s suspicious death. There is also a verb to request (inquire).