An urgent search for an interpreter amharic to english can be a serious problem for the customer. Especially if he is faced with this issue for the first time. It is necessary that the performer is reliable and professional. The translator, in turn, is interested in finding new orders.

There are many resources that allow the contractor and the customer to find each other. Since translators specialize in different types of translation, oral and written services should be considered separately.

Oral translation
The peculiarity of the search for an interpreter is that his circle is much narrower. The interpreter should ideally live within your locality. Or the closest one to it. If the interpreter has to travel a considerable distance, it costs extra money. Although in some cases such costs are unavoidable.

Contacting a translation agency
There are a lot of such bureaus in large cities. Their lists can be found on the Internet, for example, on, in advertising publications. When choosing a bureau, they start from the presence of a specialist in the required language and subject matter. Or even several. At large meetings and conferences, interpreters work with at least two people to be able to take a break.
When organizing simultaneous translation, it is good when the agency has its own equipment and fully technically provides the process.
Recommendations from friends and colleagues.
In the event that your colleagues have already used translation services, they are asked for advice. For a good translator, word of mouth is the best advertisement.
If you are a translator, after a job well done, don’t forget to leave your customers a few business cards with service offers. If the meeting went smoothly, you will definitely be recommended to colleagues.
Freelance websites
Freelancers are looking for translators who work on their own. The most famous are,, The exchange, in addition to good functionality and free service, is also convenient in that the data of translators on it are freely available and allow you to contact the performer directly.
View advertisements in newspapers.
They meet the same specialists as on the sites. But if the newspaper is local, it contains only those offers that are relevant for the places of its distribution.
Language students
If the translation is to be simple or everyday, sometimes there are direct appeals to language universities. Fourth-fifth-year students are usually already fluent in a foreign language and are happy to earn some money, and with it, experience.
Written translation
The place of residence and work of a written specialist is not of such fundamental importance. Many types of orders can be sent and received via email. Payment for services is also made online.

Freelance websites
There are both general exchanges for freelancers and specialized translation exchanges. On general sites, the choice of translators, exactly as well as orders for them, is not too high. On special occasions, there are more opportunities for cooperation for both sides. Additional types of services are also offered, including such as “translator urgently”.
When looking for a translator on the exchange, the customer can choose a more economical option, and the contractor can find a more profitable customer. You can also read reviews there.
Browsing social networks
Many freelance translators have their own pages on the Internet and blogs. Through them there is direct communication with potential customers, answers to questions are given.
Translation agency
The advantage of a translation agency is that it is not the customer who actually does the search, but the agency’s managers. Under his task, a specialist with knowledge of the required language, who understands the subject of the upcoming translation, is selected. They can also offer other services – notarization of documents, legalization and affixing an apostille.
For the performer, such interaction also has a number of advantages. The bureau relieves him of the independent search for clients, and at the same time provides orders on a regular basis.
Recommendations from friends and colleagues.
As in the case of seeking interpreting services, written translations on the advice of acquaintances are quite common. The customer receives in advance confidence in the quality of the work and meeting the deadlines.
Despite the spread of the Internet, viewing advertising publications also helps to find the right specialist. Such ads are designed, most often, for your locality.
In general, in order for the customer to be able to find the right language specialist, especially if an interpreter is urgently needed, the contractor needs to constantly declare himself. And for this search to be effective, it is necessary to offer translation services in all possible ways.