Travelers’ stories: how language skills saved the day

Lost Luggage and Confusion Abroad Travel inevitably goes awry sometimes despite meticulous planning. Flight delays, food poisoning and lost reservations frustrate but ordinary hurdles. Navigating foreign bureaucracies, hospitals and polices forces without knowing the local language escalates stress exponentially. However, proficient speakers successfully bypass disaster through quick thinking and cultural finesse. Let’s explore real stories of how language fluency protected […]

Hooka Falls

These are a series of cascades on the Waikato River, New Zealand’s largest river, flowing from crater lake Taupo, which is one of the largest reservoirs of fresh water on the planet. All of the waterfalls are located within the Wairakei Recreational Park, just north of the city of Taupo. Hooka Falls are one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and […]

How to arrange insurance in Turkey?

Going on any trip, it is necessary to arrange insurance and To visit some countries it is obligatory. But to enter Turkey formally insurance is not necessary. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do not neglect it, because it guarantees your peace of mind in case of unforeseen circumstances. There are many different types of travel insurance. Consider the most […]

Oriental bazaar, or how to bargain in Asian markets

Many tourists who travel to Asian countries with especially like to visit the famous oriental bazaars. Someone here buys gifts and inexpensive souvenirs for their relatives and friends, while others look for and find here a unique flavor and a lot of impressions. Bargaining with local sellers is a real art, because all of them determine the solvency of […]

Time management in learning foreign languages

Time management promises that you will certainly have time for a lot, and spend little time. You just need to know and apply special techniques translate from tagalog to english. Learning a foreign language, especially at the native level, takes a lot of time. Therefore, it would be very useful to master a couple of time management techniques. Time management […]

Historical facts of the origin of English words

When a foreign word is borrowed into English, then, most often, it takes on many new forms. This new word is combined with other English words, and already these combinations create new words. If you know the root word and how translate arabic to english, you will understand all the combinations! Thus, having learned one word, you can know 2.3 […]


At first glance, it is not so easy to distinguish between these two languages ​​- to Europeans they seem equally complex, and the incredible hieroglyphs and english to japanese translation are simply crazy. But if you study this issue more closely, you can find out very interesting facts: Differences between Japanese and ChineseIn Japan, initially there was no written language […]


I continue to analyze my lectures and notes on teaching english to hindi methods. If you want to use these articles as educational material, then I suggest that you complete the task at the end of the note, it will allow you to better understand the topic. Feedback is the exchange of information with students regarding issues such as language […]

Translator urgently. Where will they look for you?

An urgent search for an interpreter amharic to english can be a serious problem for the customer. Especially if he is faced with this issue for the first time. It is necessary that the performer is reliable and professional. The translator, in turn, is interested in finding new orders. There are many resources that allow the contractor and the customer […]