These are a series of cascades on the Waikato River, New Zealand’s largest river, flowing from crater lake Taupo, which is one of the largest reservoirs of fresh water on the planet. All of the waterfalls are located within the Wairakei Recreational Park, just north of the city of Taupo.

Hooka Falls are one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and popular attractions the same as They are easy to reach, as there is a state highway nearby. The Waikato River presents excellent opportunities for rafting in inflatable rubber boats.

Further upstream the river narrows and changes from a calm river to a torrential torrent rushing through a narrow canyon, up to 15 meters wide. This canyon appeared about 26.5 thousand years ago, as a result of a major volcanic eruption, in place of which there is now Lake Taupo.

For the convenience of tourists with along the waterfalls built several observation platforms and small bridges. The water there is characterized by crystal clarity and incredible beauty. This effect is created by a huge number of sparkling water bubbles, formed due to the strong flow of the stream.

The volume of water flowing through the waterfalls reaches 220 thousand liters per second. At the top of the waterfalls are many small cascades, from which water falls down from a height of 8 meters. The most impressive is the 11-meter-high waterfall.