Many tourists who travel to Asian countries with especially like to visit the famous oriental bazaars. Someone here buys gifts and inexpensive souvenirs for their relatives and friends, while others look for and find here a unique flavor and a lot of impressions. Bargaining with local sellers is a real art, because all of them determine the solvency of the buyer at a glance. And most importantly, is he ready to spend money on the most expensive product.

Oriental bazaars
Oriental bazaar is considered to be not only large markets of the East and Asia, but also private retail outlets. Countries such as Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Indonesia have long been famous for their markets. Every tourist who chooses the countries of the East for a vacation seeks to bring home something special, exotic, and this is exactly what the rich and colorful oriental bazaars offer. Any trip or vacation will be unforgettable if everything is carefully prepared and thought out. It is also worth remembering that the hotel should always be booked in advance, so as not to spend vacation days looking for free rooms.

Simple shopping rules in Asia
Never keep all your money in one place. No one should know how much money you have on hand. To do this, you can set aside a separate part for current expenses, and put the other part in a secret place. Remember that the price tags in the oriental bazaars are nonsense, which sometimes leads buyers into a stupor. To find out the cost of the product you like, you just need to point your finger at it.
However, sellers, as a rule, do not respond immediately, but multiply the original cost by 3-4 times. Do not immediately lay out the named amount, specify your own. This can be done by typing numbers on a calculator or by showing them with your fingers. It is worth noting that many merchants speak Russian and English and use
Get ready to haggle in the markets of Asia, remember that those who are able to get their own way are respected among sellers. Look for different tricks to bring down the price and get an acceptable amount for yourself. You can also motivate the merchant by saying that for this money, or maybe even cheaper, you will buy the same product from his neighbor.
The most effective way is to refuse to bargain and just walk away. The merchant who is interested in the buyer and is ready to make a deal will definitely ask you to return. However, if the seller does not even try to keep you, then the price of the goods is named real. In this case, the decision is yours.
In order for the Eastern Bazaar to remain in your memories as the most colorful, vibrant and exotic place, you need to remember all the tips given above. Never show how much, and most importantly, where you keep your money. Treat sellers with respect, do not let them deceive you and impose low-quality goods or their prices.

Travel the East with pleasure, it is full of mysteries and charm! It opens to each tourist in its own way, showing all its originality and versatility. That is why experienced tourists choose the oriental bazaar to get acquainted with local customs and traditions.